Why You Need This Phone Screening Guide

This guide contains a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes insights from recent conversations with recruiters on the phone-screening process.

It is meant to increase your confidence and your chances of advancing to the next phase of the interview process. 

Christina's Testimonial

I gained much more confidence and knowledge on interviewing and conquered my imposter syndrome thanks to Grisel. I no longer have that out-of-my-league feeling. If you're looking for change, I definitely recommend Grisel and her resources!

~ Human Resources Professional

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Items to Prepare
Before the Interview

Getting ready for a phone screening requires some research and thought ahead of time so you are more prepared and present yourself confidently. This guide includes the multiple items you should prepare before this first interview.

Questions Recruiters Typically Ask in Phone Screenings

The purpose of a phone screening is for the recruiter to learn about you. This guide gives you a list of questions that are typically asked by recruiters during phone screenings and some helpful tips on how to answer them.

Example Questions You
Could Ask Recruiters

A phone screening is your opportunity to learn more about the role as well as next steps in the interview process should you advance to the next phase. This guide includes some example questions you may want to ask.

How to Discuss Salary

Many job seekers struggle to find a way to broach the topic of salary during interviews. This guide gives you a recommendation on how to bring up salary during the phone screening.

Interview Day

As your phone screening approaches, you may wonder if you've done everything possible to fully prepare. This guide contains a checklist of what to do before, during, and after the phone screening.

Sample Thank You Letter Email Template

To send, or not to send a "thank you" email after the phone screening. The answer is... send. But what do you say? This guide includes a sample, customizable "thank you" email template.

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